Experience Living Better and Smarter at EVOLVE

EVOLVE is proud to bring our residents an exciting, HUGE new amenity: smart home automation! With the tap of just one button, you can control your entire home—whether you’re in the next room or halfway around the world. Get the security and peace of mind that comes from knowing (not hoping or guessing) that your door is locked, or the iron is off. Know who is in your home at all times. With smart home functionality, you can even ease the burden on your wallet and the environment by being able to control your thermostat and energy usage. Manage access, save money, get real time activity notifications, and help the environment with energy efficient practices all from one app.

Save time and money (and the Earth)

Smart, simple, streamlined

Smart home automation lets you create timed or activated scenes and schedules to streamline your daily routine and implement energy and money saving features throughout your home. Leaving for the day? Run the “goodbye” scene to lock your doors and turn off the lights. Easily and conveniently set a temperature schedule with your new smart thermostat. Going to unexpectedly be gone for a while (or longer)? Adjust the system or even turn it off completely so you’re not cooling or heating an empty home. Feeling a bit hot but right in the middle of the best part of the movie? You can change temps from the comfort of your couch!

Stay connected and in control

At home, on the go, across the country

Our smart home automation solution equips residents with one robust app that provides complete control and remote management of devices and home settings from anywhere and everywhere. Let the cleaning company into your apartment by sending them a temporary access code from your phone, whether you’re across town or across the country. Can’t remember if you turned off your straightener or unplugged the iron? Turn them off on the go straight from your app! The app lets you control all the smart devices within your home from a single place, no matter where you are.

Feel more at home than ever before

Peace of mind, safety, security

Your new home offers self-monitored alarm services. With motion activated and contact sensors on your front door and select windows/doors of ground floor homes, you’ll know if someone is in your home, immediately. Don’t worry about water leaks or possible damage to your personal items anymore! Your new home has smart leak sensors in wet areas to alert you that something might be wrong before things go from bad to worse. Your home and our community also both feature keyless entry at access points. You can use the app to access amenity areas throughout the community and even grant guest access as needed.

Live better. Live smarter.

Live your best life with our smart home automation

Experience our full smart home integrated solution wrapped up in the convenience and simplicity of one amazing app. All you need to stay connected and control your home and peace of mind is literally at your fingertips.

That’s one really smart new home!

Manage all of your devices throughout your home with the tap of a button.

Use your app to unlock entry points at shared spaces throughout the community.

Generate access code credentials or lock and unlock the door for family, friends, or even the dog walker.

Always track who is coming or going through your front door—whether it’s maintenance, the cable guy, or a friend in town for the weekend. You control who enters and when.

Adjust your temperature from anywhere, or set a temp schedule for your thermostat, to save energy and money.

Make your life easier by creating scenes, schedules, and automations.


Connect smart devices to voice assistants like Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

Receive real-time notifications and alerts directly to your smartphone.

Everything is centralized within the app, even award-winning 24/7 support!